"Stacia's is hands down the best pizza I have had in Seattle."

And as someone who eats a lot of pizza, that's saying a lot. I live a couple blocks down the street and when I first moved in a was a little hesitant to try it out. Their name claimed gourmet but I wasn't sure wether to believe it or not. Well you can't judge a book by it's cover.... I'm so glad so close. While the pizza is on the expensive side, it's very much worth it. The Quattro Formaggi is my favorite, especially with a deep dish crust. And the monster pizzas (24"!!!!) are great for parties. The customer service is always on point and it's always ready fast. I seriously cannot recommend this place enough. And join the pizza lovers club! Tons of great coupons that way!

Garrison B Yelp

"I love Stacia's..."

...for a lot of reasons: 1) The pizza is delicious, 2) When I moved to the neighborhood, they made it feel like home - being a great mom and pop shop, 3) They are reasonably priced/have great deals, and 4) The staff always make me feel welcome and appreciated.

Timi Fair Facebook

"Always great food and service."

J. Brooks

"The pizza, the cheese sticks are to die for..."

...and I want to take a bath in the ranch dressing. I don't even like ranch dressing that much, but it's so good. This place does not disappoint.

Krystal W.

"I like the option of whole wheat crust..."

"...which was tastier than I anticipated. All of the toppings had flavor, very often you get a pizza with onions that are sterile. Not here. Prices are a bit high but about in line with the other gourmet pizza guys"

Vladi S.

"Our favorite pizza is the Aloha..."

...but everything else we've had there is great as well! The occasional (we don't get them every time [not by choice]) chocolate chip cookies are pretty delicious and sweeten the deal. We've ordered from a few other pizza places, but so far Stacia's is our go-to hands down.

Erik S.

"I love Stacia's..."

"...and think that it is the best delivery pizza in town... Plus you folks are fast and friendly. Thanks and you are all much appreciated.

M. Sherman

"Friday nights have been pizza night..."

...at our house for a long time. As our children grew older their choice in pizza changed and we started having arguments over which pizza place to order from. Since we tried Stacia's there's been peace in our house. No arguments, we all love Stacia's Pizza.

L. Lawon

"I've been a Pag's fan for years..."

...and years. But now I've switched to you.

S. Witmer

"I've been a Stacia's fan since..."

...they opened 8 years ago. This loyalty is well deserved; Stacia's is still the best pizza in Seattle."

John Turnbull

"Definitely our new pizza place."

So glad we moved here.

H. Hopkins