About Stacia's Pizza & Pasta

About Stacia's

For over 16 years, Stacia's Gourmet Pizza & Pasta has been serving delicious, fresh Italian food to residents in the Seattle, Greenwood and Crown Hill areas. We like to think that people value fresh ingredients, great taste and a satisfying meal over simply the cheapest option. For that reason, we make sure to use the best ingredients available and to take care when preparing your food. We are proud of the great reputation we've earned over the past few decade and a half, and look forward to serving our community for years to come.

Our Specialties

Stacia's serves up hearty, delicious and affordable pizza and pasta favorites worthy of your most dreamy cravings. We prepare everything with fresh ingredients and choice meats using our signature technique, making every dish on our menu mouthwatering. We boast Seattle's largest selection of gourmet toppings, including six homemade crusts, seventeen different sauces and over 80 toppings. Whether you're in the mood to indulge or you're watching what you eat, we have a wide range of traditional options and Designer Pizzas to satisfy your appetite.